About Us We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to our healing philosophy and to the services and help we offer. 
Our purpose is to provide you with high quality, compassionate health care with a holistic focus. We believe that 
where possible, natural treatment is generally preferable. The thousands of years of diagnostic and clinical 
experience of Oriental medicine can offer unique insights and treatment approaches to resolve a large variety of 
health conditions. Classical treatments time tested throughout the millennia combined with the exciting breakthrough developments 
of modern times provide you with safe, effective natural alternatives in your health care. And…you'll be pleased to 
know that we offer many gentle non-invasive treatment modalities for children and sensitive adults with an aversion 
to the word “puncture”. Norman E. Smith, L.Ac. has been involved in health care delivery for over forty-one years and has actively been providing 
Oriental medical treatment for over thirty-six years. We invite you to look through our website and then join with us to 
explore the possibilities to restore your health and well-being.

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