Additional Therapies Laser Acupuncture We use a cold-laser unit designed for acupuncture treatment. We have found this to be an effective means of non-needle acupuncture 
for children and sensitive adults. The laser light is generally placed directly on the skin over the selected acupuncture points for about 
one minute per point. Moxabustion A specific variety of the herb mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris) has been used for thousands of years to either warm the needles or to 
warm the skin. This can be very helpful to strengthen one's energy, to warm those who are easily chilled and to relieve pain. It can 
be exceptionally helpful for the pain, stiffness and swelling of arthritic joints. Gwa Sha Some times known in the Orient as “coining”, “scraping” or “spooning”, gwa sha is an efficacious technique to relieve chronic spasm/tension, fibrosity, calcification and inflammation of the muscles. A Chinese linament oil is generally applied to the area to be treated followed by coconut oil to fully lubricate the skin. Various implements have been used throughout the millennia to scrape or stroke 
across the skin and underlying muscles. The oils prevent the skin from becoming abraded (broken) but yet allows the breaking up of calcification and fibrosity of the soft-tissue. We generally follow up the gwa sha with an in and out trigger-point needling to change the neuro- muscular pattern. TDP Lamp A remarkable form of infra-red lamp which operates in the invisible spectrum natural to the human body was invented in China quite a few years ago. It won a gold medal at one world scientific fair and a silver medal at a subsequent fair. We have seen dramatic results at times to relieve cases of shingles (herpes zoster) if we can catch them within the first two weeks after onset. (Some cases have responded well as much as four weeks after onset.) Dietary Recommendations We will occasionally make dietary recommendations to aid your healing when it is appropriate. Over the thousands of years that Oriental medicine has been in continuous usage, practitioners have observed clear connections between certain foods and food groups and the different organ/energy systems and associated tissues. Chinese Herbs For some conditions we may recommend the use of Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture to reinforce the effects of the acupuncture and to reduce the overall number of treatments necessary to help you recover your health and well-being. Oriental Massage We occasionally will briefly employ various Oriental massage techniques such as amma (massage with oil) and oil-less massage 
such as tui na or shiatsu when appropriate to facilitate the acupuncture. Infrasonic QGM Machine This machine was invented in China based on scientific research which studied the frequencies of energy given off by the hands of the famous “Qi Gong” healing practitioners of China . We sometimes employ this device as an adjunct to acupuncture to help relieve inflammation of connective tissue or for effusion of joints (internal swelling). At times the benefit of the infrasonic frequencies for such things as tennis elbow, plantar fascitis etc. can be dramatic although the results are quite variable.

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