Axiotonal Healing and Axiotonal Alignment How Does Axiotonal Healing Work?
 In Axiotonal Healing the practitioner accesses higher dimensional energies to effect healings and evolutionary shifts in body, mind and soul. That there is an innate and impressive intelligence within the body, no one can dispute. In fact scientists constantly marvel at this intelligence and the incredible abilities of the various systems at work within us. Modern science has proven the existence of numerous fields of energy interpenetrating the various parts of the body including the heart and brain. Some of these are clearly generated by thought. We also see an intelligence which permeates all of creation on every level of reality. The practitioner serves as a conduit or bridge for this energy/intelligence to come to you from the greater whole of existence. Connecting the energy fields of the body, mind and soul to the greater fields of creation allows the intelligence of the higher dimensions to directly influence the intelligence which organizes and maintains our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. (For those skeptical of such possibilities it is interesting to note that some of the world’s top theoretical physicists are convinced that there are between ten and twelve dimensions of reality. In our understanding this is the third of twelve dimensions.) It can be understood that at times a spontaneous quantum event occurs in which the organizational matrix within us recognizes and 
shifts to higher, more functional modes of operation. We think of these quantum shifts brought about by this healing energy as Grace sent from the angelic realms through the human practitioner and always with respect for your free will and in harmony with the big 
picture of your life. What Improvements Are Possible Through The Healings?
 Healing may take place on the physical, emotional, mental or soul level(s). Many times positive changes are perceptible immediately following a session, while at other times the sessions will initiate a healing process within you that will unfold over a number of weeks or months. In our experience spiritual, mental or emotional healings are equally as likely as physical healings. We have seen many wonderful examples of each level of healing. Our experience is that you will always receive some benefit from a healing session and while it may or may not be what you or we might specifically want, we have learned to trust the higher wisdom that is directing the 
healing and that it truly does see the bigger picture of your life. What Is Axiotonal Alignment? While Axiotonal Alignment accesses the same higher energy as the healings it is a much more specific process to engage this energy with your energy and specifically activates a great number of acupuncture points, meridians and other energy centers in the body 
bringing them into a higher frequency and a new level of integration. This process reconnects the acupuncture meridians to the energy grid (known as axiotonal lines) of the earth and the cosmos. It enhances your ability to spontaneously draw in higher frequency energies for the renewal of your body and it greatly improves the integration of body, mind and soul. It is a reconnection to higher spiritual aspects of your own being. You may think of it as a sort of spiritual acupuncture, balancing and attunement. The results of this over time frequently include such things as deeper states of meditation/prayer, increased intuition, greater peace of mind, improved mental clarity, an overall reduction in one’s level of fear/anger etc., an awareness of an increase in the synchronicity/divine providence in one’s life and 
a sense that the spiritual void which tends to make all human beings feel alone and incomplete has been eased by the grace of this higher energy…this spiritual connection. Such changes will manifest more quickly for some and more gradually for others depending on their inner development. Please note that receiving an Axiotonal Alignment does not mean an abrupt end to all of life’s problems and challenges. It is in meeting our challenges and rising above our problems that our greatest growth often occurs. In any case, be 
assured that Axiotonal Alignment initiates within you a new process of personal and spiritual growth and over time, increased 
awareness and abilities to facilitate that growth and personal transformation. What Are The Sessions Like? During the session you will be lying face up on a treatment table with your eyes closed. You will be asked to relax, ‘let go’ and to allow whatever this higher intelligence deems best to happen for you. Do not try to direct the energy in any way, it will only impede the results. You may feel tingling, heat or coldness, lightness and floating sensations or your body may feel very heavy. It’s quite common to have involuntary muscle twitches during the session. Sometimes you may perceive white or colored lights or images in your mind’s eye. 
Many people report feeling or seeing angelic presences. For some people their experience leaves them with a profound feeling of 
peace and deep relaxation. All of these are indicative of the flow of this unique energy through your body. Please do not wear perfumes, scented body oils etc. to your sessions. Cell phones and electronic devices absolutely must be turned 
‘off’ during the session. If possible, try to schedule at a time when you will not be placed under high stress immediately following your healing experience. How Many Sessions Are Required? The number of Axiotonal Healing sessions that will be of benefit varies from one person to another. For some, dramatic healings 
may occur in two or three sessions while others may receive help over several sessions. Having Axiotonal Healing sessions is not the same as having the Axiotonal Alignment which as previously stated, is a very specific procedure. It is always facilitated in person in two sessions, ideally on consecutive days. It can be helpful (though not required) to have a few healing sessions prior to receiving the Axiotonal Alignment. You may also find it beneficial to have a healing session from time to time after your alignment, especially if 
you’ve gone through difficult life circumstances in the subsequent months or years. Is There Any Scientific Support For This Process? Research validating the energy transmission in this type of healing was conducted by Gary E.R. Schwartz, PhD and the staff of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona. (Dr. Schwartz and his team do extensive scientific research on natural healing modalities.) Research has also been carried out at other facilities such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, 
the VA and the University of Miami Medical School. Further research is currently underway at the University of Arizona. Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, PhD of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science has conducted research which appears to verify the existence of these healings and is pursuing further research to understand more about the nature of this energy. 
 Dr. Tiller is a physicist who has written over 250 scientific articles and several books. Authors such as Christiane Northrup, MD; Mona Lisa Schultz, MD, PhD; Hank Wesselman, PhD; Ron Roth, PhD; Gary E.R. Schwartz, PhD; Linda G.S. Russek, PhD and Richard Gerber, MD among others have recommended the benefits of this form of healing. Norman E. Smith, L.Ac. has been a licensed acupuncturist for over thirty five years and has worked in health care for over forty years. He has been facilitating Axiotonal Healings and Axiotonal Alignments since June 2003. Fee Schedule: Axiotonal Healing - $60.00 per session Axiotonal Alignment - $333.00 (inclusive of both days) For more information or to schedule your session call: Norman E. Smith, L.Ac. 1430 South 21st Street, Suite 201 Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 630-8522


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