Ch'i Remedies UNDERSTANDING AND USING CH'I REMEDIES How They Work The emphasis of Eastern Medicine has always been on the life energy of the body, the ch'i (pronounced “chee”). The primary goal of Eastern health care systems is to restore the body's ability to regulate itself. In order to achieve this goal practitioners of Oriental Medicine may use a variety of different methods, both classical and modern, to harmonize the vital energies of body, mind and soul. Classical techniques include acupuncture with needles, moxabustion, diet, herbal remedies, energy healing, various kinds of massage (such as amma, gwa sha, shiatsu, tui na) and exercise. There are also many newer modalities and techniques employed by acupuncturists throughout the world today to activate and harmonize the body and its energies such as infra-red lamps, infra- sound machines, laser acupuncture, micro-current and milliamp devices, stimulation of the acu-points with ultrasound or even holding tuning forks on the points. One of the more remarkable new healing tools is the development of electronic devices which can read and record energy frequencies and then imprint those frequencies into water. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has done ground breaking scientific research on this phenomenon. Clinical experience has shown that when the energy signatures of healthy normal tissues etc. are imprinted into water and given in drops placed under the tongue, the energy which maintains the various tissues and functions of the body can be normalized and harmonized through resonance. Other frequencies used are designed to neutralize the effects of various toxins and pathogens. One's life energy is the blueprint for their physical body so rebalancing it can restore health and vitality. Rather than only managing your symptoms, our goal is to correct and truly heal the underlying causes of your health problems whenever possible. To understand the principle of resonance, simply remember when your science or music teacher in school struck a tuning fork making it tone or hum and then moved it past a row of other tuning forks. When the first got near another of the same note or frequency the second began to tone or hum without even being touched. This occurs through resonance wherein the vibrations given off by the first tuning fork excite and entrain the energy fields of the second to move in unity with the first. The ch'i remedies work on that exact principle. If you question the power of resonance to positively affect your health and well-being, think about how you've felt physically and emotionally when you've been subjected to unpleasant, dissonant noise or music and then compare that to the feeling of joy and even exhilaration which you feel in the presence of beautiful uplifting music. This is a simple example of the power of resonance. What to Expect As with any form of treatment there are many variables such as the nature of the condition, its severity, the length of time you've had it, your general state of health, your lifestyle, mental and physical constitutions and so forth. Therefore, one's response to any given remedy can vary. We have at times seen lifelong conditions show marked improvement within a few days to a few weeks while for other health issues the same patient may instead experience a subtle, yet gradual improvement of their condition. Occasionally a patient may report not seeing much change in a given condition at first. This may indicate that we need to balance other layers of energy before the issue in question can fully respond or perhaps that we may need to add additional treatment techniques to achieve faster results. Remember, healing is a process which unfolds over time. Rarely, one's symptoms may be exacerbated somewhat. The latter is temporary and quite infrequent given the nature of the evaluation which is used to customize a remedy for the patient and their specific conditions at that time. These remedies can help a broad variety of health issues and are of special benefit for those who are allergic, have irritable digestive tracts or are otherwise sensitive to medicines, herbs or supplements. With this process we can target specific complaints and work on different layers of energy and function as the body is ready to work on them. It is important to note that the diagnostic procedures used to prescribe the ch'i remedies may not locate every last health issue a patient may have at any given point in time but it tends to be remarkable in determining which issues the body is ready to work on at present. As various layers of energy and issues are brought into balance, it creates the possibility for other patterns to change with ease which previously were resistant to change. It is generally beneficial to have ch'i remedy consultations at about six week intervals in order to adjust for the changes taking place in your systems and to keep moving forward with your process of balancing and healing. As you continue to improve we will assess your progress and together determine the number of cycles most appropriate for you. Instructions For Their Use Unless instructed otherwise, place ½ dropper of the remedy under your tongue three times per day (evenly spread out through the day) and try to hold it in your mouth for one or two minutes if possible. Avoid placing anything else in your mouth (including a different ch'i remedy) for at least five minutes before and after taking a dose of the remedy. Somewhat longer would be even better. This is to give your brain, nervous system and energy fields time to begin to resonate with and respond to the healing frequencies in the remedy. The state of dissonance which is present in disease or dysfunction can thereby be restored to one of harmony and balance. Please Note : The remedies contain stabilized oxygen as a preservative but we recommend that you do not touch the dropper with your tongue or lips so as to avoid the possibility of contaminating the drops. It is important not to place your remedy bottles near appliances, magnets, x-ray machines* or anything else which gives off strong electromagnetic fields so as not to disrupt the precise personally customized frequencies in the remedies. Likewise, do not leave them sitting in direct sunlight. Please be aware that since the drops are primarily made of distilled water and stabilized oxygen they may freeze if left too long at below 32° F. * For air travel, place the bottles in a zip-loc bag wrapped in aluminum foil or a film bag and pack them in your check-in baggage. We currently use over 1,200 different frequency vials to help evaluate your energies and bodily functions and to determine those health issues which your body is ready to work on. While the frequencies in your ch'i remedies are read and imprinted electronically, we decide which one's to use by literally feeling the resonance between your body's energy and the various frequencies of the vials. As with all forms of healing, this involves both art and science. It requires both an intuitive element and knowledge of the various systems of the body to make these determinations. Through this process each ch'i remedy is truly custom made for you. While the ch'i remedies can be used as a stand alone treatment modality, the best, quickest and most lasting results are often achieved by using this process in conjunction with meridian balancing (laser or needle acupuncture), spiritual healing and /or other components of oriental medicine. We will recommend a treatment protocol which combines the most appropriate modalities to optimize your results. Important : Do not abruptly discontinue taking prescription medications. As your conditions improve, it may well be possible over time to reduce or eliminate some medications. This should be done with the advice from your pharmacist, physician, PA, nurse practitioner etc. because some medications can be harmful if the dosage is not tapered down gradually.


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