Prayer In our modern world many people have learned to put their faith and belief in the seeming wonders and miracles of science and technology…many in reaction to religious excesses, past and present. Somewhere along the way we have lost in our culture a sense of awe, respect and wonder for the process of life and the unfolding of reality. We have become so focused on the mundane that a deep and abiding sense of the sacredness of life eludes so many today. So many people are struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives. For those persons of faith (whether religious or non-religious), we will gladly at your request, include prayer as a part of your healing process. For those not so inclined, you need not worry about being proselytized. We are much too busy to intrude where not wanted and we sincerely respect the free will of each person to form whatever belief system holds meaning for them. Science and respect for the miraculous are in no way mutually exclusive. In fact, numerous scientific studies in recent years have confirmed the healing power of prayer and discoveries in quantum physics have begun to provide a modern framework to understand subtle forms of healing and communication.

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