"In 2013 my body launched an all out assault.  It began with a moderate case of shingles, progressed to a severe mastitis
                 infection and moved to the ultimate affliction, breast cancer.


I sought the services of Mr. Smith based on his experience with and expertise in Axiotonal Healing.  When I met Mr. Smith I was physically scarred, emotionally crumbled and spiritually fractured.


My Axiotonal Healing was a profoundly ethereal experience.  Mr. Smith exudes a tranquil forcefulness that is palpable.  His knowledge
and caring approach are at the forefront of the treatments.  Within moments of speaking with Mr. Smith I was confident he would be able
to help me.  During my Axiotonal Healings I experienced the presence of angel guides that elevated me beyond a meditative state. 
For me it was a sense of "being" - more than a calm or peace or even faith.  It was a state where I could be free of pain and fear. 
Through the Axiotonal Healings I reached a level of cognizance, that within each of us lies a source of strength and renewal.  The
healings gave me access to that source and my whole-self healing began.   I felt a piecing together of self; body, mind and soul.  I subsequently received acupuncture treatments in conjunction with the Axiotonal Healings which further enhanced my recovery.


Today, I am cancer free, my scars have healed and I am whole again.  My gratitude to Mr. Smith is immeasurable." ~ DK


"I believed in acupuncture but did not know how much the practice could help in so many situations at the hands of an expert.


Norman E. Smith has decades of training and experience in this field. He and his wife Sparky are two of the kindest most caring people I have been privileged to know.


Norm treats my daughter who had a brain aneurysm and two strokes five years ago. She is thriving and learning to walk now after so many years. I believe she would not have walked without him. I just wish we had known to call him in the beginning! Much recovery time and suffering could have been eliminated. Acupuncture is the primary reason for restoring sharp cognitive function in her as well.


I am in treatment with Norm for long term PTSD, arthritis, and back pain from helping my daughter with transfers. I am her caregiver 24/7, and I am in my seventieth year.


Please consider Norm Smith and his caring hands early on especially in the case of a stroke---the sooner the better." ~JT


"For over twenty years, Norm has been a staple in my families health care. With healing's and his knowledge of acupuncture, Norm has been helping soothe and root out core problems for our health physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


He has treated myself, daughter, my brother, our parents, numerous aunts, and our grandparents with great success and care.


Norm assesses and honor's the whole of you.  He is honest in his approach and nurturing in his time spent with you." ~  JD




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